Privacy / Terms and Conditions

Privacy / Terms and Conditions

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Privacy Statement

Ravin Electronics LLC (Ravin) is committed to protecting the privacy of our users, and strives to provide a safe, secure user experience. This Privacy Statement sets forth the online data collection and usage policies and practices that apply to this web site.We collect the following personal information about you when you visit our site. Some examples of personal information that we collect in some areas of our site, depending on the services you use and local law, are:

Your name, Address, Email address, Telephone number, Credit card number, Contact information, Billing information, Information about third parties, such as references or contacts, that you provide to us

How Information is Used

We use the information we gather on the web site for the purposes of providing our services, responding to any queries you may have, operating and improving the web site, fostering a positive user experience and delivering the products and services that we offer.

By registering with Ravin you have consented for us to use your information, subject to local law, in the following ways:

To allow you to create an account, To create a profile for you based on information that you have provided to us, To contact you about Ravin updates, informational and service-related communications, including important security updates, To enable you to provide feedback, To contact us and for us to respond to you.

Important Information


You are responsible for ensuring that your log-in credentials (your username and password) are kept confidential.

Ravin has implemented technical and organizational measures designed to secure your personal information from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure. When you place an order online at Ravin, your credit card information is protected through the use of General Internet Security Procedures.

Changes to Privacy Statement

If we decide to change the substance of our Privacy Statement for Ravin, we will, where required, contact you via the email address that you maintain in your profile. We will also post those changes through a prominent notice on the web site so that you will always know what information we gather, how we might use that information, and to whom we will disclose it.Legal and Contact Information Your data is submitted to Ravin and is hosted and stored in a database on servers situated in the United States owned and maintained by Ravin Electronics, LLC. a New York corporation, whose principal place of business is at 90-11 Colin Drive, Holbrook, New York, 11741. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Statement or believe that we have not adhered to this Privacy Statement, please feel free to email us at or contact us at (631) 403-4155

Ravin Electronics. LLC

Terms of Use Statement

You understand and agree that the owners of this site shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, data or other intangible losses (even if the owners of this site have been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from the use or the inability to use the product(s) and or service(s) or any misuse of the product(s) and or service(s) in a manner not in accordance with their intended use.

Legal Disclaimer

We have compiled our web site very carefully and it is continually expanded and updated. Nevertheless, we assume no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the contents. We do not assume any liability for direct, indirect, material or immaterial damages that may arise from the use of the information provided on this web site. The use of the web site is at the user’s own personal risk except when incorrect information is published intentionally or with gross negligence. The information on this web site is non-binding and intended for general information purposes only.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

All quotations and sales by Ravin Electronics, LLC., its subsidiaries or affiliates (“Ravin”) are subject to these terms and conditions.

  1. Except as otherwise set forth on the front of an Ravin invoice or acknowledgment, terms of payment are net 30 days from invoice date; prices are FOB Ravin’s facility (as defined in the Uniform Commercial Code); and prices do not include any taxes, freight, handling, duty or other similar charges, payment of which will be the sole responsibility of customer. Prices are conditioned upon timely payment and any past due balance will accrue interest at the monthly rate of one and one-half percent. Freight charges may be constructed on the basis of standard carrier tariffs and may not reflect actual transportation costs. Ravin reserves the right to modify terms prior to shipment, require payment in advance, or delay or cancel any shipment or order by reason of customer’s creditworthiness or should customer fail to fulfill any obligation when due.
  2. In the absence of prior agreement as to shipping, Ravin may select a carrier. Ravin’s responsibility for any loss or damage ends, and title passes, when products are delivered to the carrier, to customer, or to customer’s agent (including, without limitation, any test house or value added service provider), whichever occurs first. Customer will pay for storage charges if Ravin holds products at customer’s request pending instructions or rescheduled delivery.
  3. Ravin warrants all products, and the components and materials utilized in any assembled or customized products, are covered by, and subject to, the terms, conditions, and limitations of the manufacturer’s standard warranty, which warranty is expressly in lieu of any other warranty, express or implied, of or by Ravin or the manufacturer. Customer’s exclusive remedy, if any, under these warranties is limited, at Ravin’s election, to any one of (a) refund of customer’s purchase price, (b) repair by Ravin or the manufacturer of any products found to be defective, or (c) replacement of any such product.Customer acknowledges that except as specifically set forth or referenced in this paragraph, THERE ARE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, IN ADVERTISING MATERIALS, BROCHURES, OR OTHER DESCRIPTIVE LITERATURE) BY RAVIN OR ANY OTHER PERSON, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE CONDITION OR PERFORMANCE OF ANY PRODUCTS, THEIR MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR OTHERWISE. RAVIN ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR MANUFACTURER’S PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS OR THE PERFORMANCE OR ADEQUACY OF ANY DESIGN OR SPECIFICATION PROVIDED TO RAVIN BY OR ON BEHALF OF CUSTOMER. Use of the customer’s part number on any document or on any products is for convenience only and does not constitute any representation by Ravin with respect to the performance, specifications, or fitness of any part for any purpose.

AS6081 Orders: RAVIN shall provide a product warranty for a minimum of one (1) year, stating that the product is

reliable and free from known defects and that the Organization will replace defective parts or refund original cost of product.

  1. Ravin retains a purchase money security interest in all products sold by Ravin to customer, and in the proceeds of any resale of such products, until the purchase price and any other charges due to Ravin have been paid in full. Upon any breach by customer of these terms and conditions, Ravin will have all rights and remedies of a secured party under applicable law, which rights and remedies will be cumulative and not exclusive. Customer is responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by Ravin in collecting any sums owing by customer (which may include, but are not limited to, collection agency and reasonable attorneys’ fees). All transactions are governed by the laws of the State of New York. The parties waive any right to trial by jury.
  2. Products are deemed accepted by customer unless customer notifies Ravin in writing within 10 days of delivery of product shortages, damage or defect. No returns may be made for any reason without a Return Authorization Form issued by Ravin. If customer refuses to accept tender or delivery of any products or returns any products without authorization from Ravin, such products will be held by Ravin awaiting customer’s instruction for 20 days, after which Ravin may deem the products abandoned and dispose of them as it sees fit, without crediting customer’s account.
  3. Ravin will not be liable for any failure or delay in its performance or in the delivery or shipment of products, or for any damages suffered by customer by reason of such failure or delay, when such failure or delay is caused by, or arises in connection with, any fire, flood, accident, riot, earthquake, severe weather, war, governmental interference or embargo, strike, shortage of labor, fuel, power, materials or supplies, delay in delivery by Ravin’s suppliers or any other cause or causes beyond Ravin’s reasonable control. Ravin reserves the right to cancel without liability any order, the shipment of which is or may be delayed for more than 30 days by reason of any such cause. Ravin reserves the right to allocate in its sole discretion among customers or potential customers, or defer or delay the shipment of, any product which is in short supply.
  4. This document, and not any purchase order or other customer document (which, if construed to be an offer is hereby rejected), will be deemed an offer or counter offer and is a rejection of any other terms or conditions. Customer, by accepting any products, making any payments or ordering any products having previously received these terms and conditions, will be deemed to have assented to these terms and conditions, notwithstanding any terms contained in any prior or later communication from customer and whether or not Ravin will specifically or expressly object to any of customer’s terms. Ravin’s failure to object to any document, communication or act of customer will not be deemed a waiver of any of these terms and conditions. Any addition or change to these terms and conditions must be specifically agreed to in writing by a duly authorized officer of Ravin before becoming binding on Ravin.
  5. If customer’s order is placed under a contract with the United States Government, Ravin agrees to comply only with those contract provisions and regulations with which, pursuant to law, it must comply and of which customer has, at the time of order placement, placed Ravin on written notice. In no event will United States Government Cost Accounting Standards apply. All rights in technical data and software owned or licensed by Ravin or the manufacturer are hereby reserved and deemed restricted or limited. Unless specifically otherwise agreed in writing by Ravin, customer acknowledges that products sold by Ravin are not intended for and will not be used in life support systems, human implantation, nuclear facilities or systems or any other application where product failure could lead to loss of life or catastrophic property damage. Customer will indemnify and hold Ravin harmless from any loss, cost or damage resulting from customer’s breach of the provisions of this paragraph.
  6. Products may be subject to export or resale restriction or regulation, and customer acknowledges that it will comply with such restrictions and regulations. Any statement as to product country of origin, Export Control Classification Number, or compliance with applicable law (including, without limitation, that products are lead-free or RoHS compliant) is as provided to Ravin by its suppliers, and Ravin does not warrant its accuracy and will not be liable for any error with regard to same. Customer uses such information at its own risk.
  8. The performance of any value added service may void the manufacturer’s warranty and render products non returnable. Orders incorporating such services are, accordingly, non cancelable and the products are non returnable. Any third party value added service provider is deemed to be an agent of customer.
  9. Any software or other intellectual property included in or relating to products is supplied by its manufacturer or licensor. Ravin makes no representation or warranty with respect thereto and will have no liability in connection therewith. Customer agrees to comply with all requirements with regard to proprietary and similar rights in and to any intellectual property (including any requirement to enter into a separate license agreement and prohibitions against duplicating or disclosing the same), even if Ravin has broken the seal on any #shrink wrapped# software. If Customer provides Ravin with any intellectual property, Customer warrants that it has all necessary legal rights to such property. Customer will indemnify Ravin against and hold it harmless from any and all liability, cost or expense arising from a breach or purported breach of the requirements described in this section.
  10. In order to defray the cost of customer account administration, any credit balance or other sum owed to customer which remains unclaimed by customer for a period of eighteen months will become the property of Ravin.
  11. No order or Customer obligation may be cancelled, rescheduled, reconfigured, or assigned without Ravin’s prior written authorization and, in such event, customer will be liable to Ravin for any additional costs and expenses incurred by Ravin. Prices are subject to change by Ravin upon customer rescheduling or reconfiguration of orders. Prices are also subject to change in response to supplier price increases or if a price has been quoted in error, whereupon, customer may cancel the undelivered portion of any affected order by delivering written notice to Ravin prior to the shipment thereof and within 10 days of its receipt of notice of the price increase
  12. Unless specifically otherwise agreed in writing by Ravin, customer acknowledges that products sold by Ravin are not intended for and will not be used in life support systems, human implantation, nuclear facilities, weapons of mass destruction, or systems or any other application where products or product failure could lead to loss of life or catastrophic property damage. Customer will indemnify and hold Ravin harmless from any loss, cost or damage resulting from customer’s breach of the provisions of this paragraph.
  13. Vendor Quality Requirements – Product Quality: All products must be new and un-used unless otherwise indicated in writing on the Ravin Electronics Purchase Order. The vendor will ensure that all products meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Product integrity and condition will be assessed upon in-coming inspection at Ravin Electronics. Criteria includes: damage or deterioration; package style; product markings and labels; and general product condition. Product that does not meet Ravin Electronics inspection standards will be returned to the vendor. On-Time Delivery: Ravin Electronics Purchase Orders state the date that product must ship from the vendor’s facility. Early or late deliveries are subject to return to the vendor without authorization (RMA).Date Codes: All Purchase Orders from Ravin Electronics will list either no D/C or the latest acceptable date code for the order or the individual line item. No products will be accepted which does not meet the stated date code. If the date code received is older than the date code specified, the parts will automatically be returned to the vendor without requesting an RMA. Wrong Part Numbers: If the wrong part number is received, an RMA will be requested and the product returned to the vendor. Wrong Manufacturer: Ravin Electronics Purchase Orders will specify the manufacturer or list the approved manufacturers if more than one is acceptable. If there is no restriction the order will state “Any Manufacturer”. If a different manufacturer is received than what was ordered the shipment will be returned to the vendor without requesting RMA.ESD Compliance: All products must be handled according to ANS/ESD S20.20 standards. Packaging: If there are no instructions in the Purchase Order, partials reels and tubes are acceptable. The Purchase Order will include instructions if no partial reels and tubes are acceptable. All shipments to Ravin Electronics require products to be protected from damage. All integrated circuits must be in tubes, reels, or trays whether they are refurbished or new. Tubes are to be whole and secured with pins or stoppers. All packaging is to be properly and securely fastened to prevent opening during transit. Antistatic bags are to be used for sensitive components. Bulk packaging is not acceptable for any product other than transistors and diodes. Improperly packaged products will be processed as RMA and returned to the vendor. Packing Slips: All orders shipped to Ravin Electronics must have a packing slip that includes: Purchase Order Number, Quantity, Part Number, and Country of Origin. Any deviations or changes from the Ravin Electronics Purchase Order are to be communicated in writing on the confirming Purchase Order and faxed to the Ravin Electronics Buyer / Purchasing Department. (See forms D-0008 & D-0008A for additional external provider requirements)
  14. Distributor Single Shipment Declaration of “End-Use/End-User”- The U.S. Government requires adherence to the following guidelines when exporting goods from the United States. All military or “dual use” goods, (commercial and military) purchased from Ravin electronics, Llc. And its subsidiaries must be exported or re-exported in compliance with United States Export Administration Regulation (EAR) guidelines (CFR15 Part 730-774). The U.S Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) as well as the Department of State and U.S. department of Defense serve as the regulatory agencies that control the export / re-export to sanctioned and embargoed countries and/ or parties. A summation of the aforementioned U.S. export/ re export compliance guidelines and responsibilities can be found at the URL address listed By Accepting These Terms and Conditions you are confirming that you are the re-seller and understand that it is your obligation to comply with any/all export or re-export restrictions that apply to any and all Items Purchased from Ravin Electronics Llc. Any Loss or consequential damages will be claimed from you. Agreeing to these terms and conditions means you are aware of the export/re-export restrictions to parties on the: (1)Denied Persons List, (BIS)   (2) Unverified List (BIS)   (3) Entity, (BIS) (4) Special Designated Nationals List (Dept of Treasury) (5) Debarred List (State Dept) (REF: for further information) See Part 746-CFR15 for current listing of Sanctioned & Embargoed Countries and Other Special Controls. Note. When applicable to export/re-export you are also aware of the restrictions and responsibilities stated in the Department of State’s international Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) Title 22 of the code of federal Regulations (CFR) Sections 120-130
  15. Purchasing Information: Purchasing information shall describe the product to be purchased, including, where appropriate requirements for approval of product, procedures, processes and equipment, requirements for qualification of personnel, quality management systems requirements, the identification and revision status of specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/verification instructions and other relevant technical data, requirements for design, test, inspection, verification, use of statistical techniques for product acceptance and related instructions for acceptance by the organization, requirements regarding the need for the supplier to Notify the organization of nonconforming product, Obtain organization approval for nonconforming product disposition, Notify the organization of changes in product and/or process definition, changes of suppliers, change of manufacturing facility location and, where required, obtain organization approval, and Flow down to the supply chain the applicable requirements including customer requirements, records retention requirements, right of access by the organization, their customer and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records, and requirements for a certificate of conformity, test reports and/or airworthiness certificate(Manufacturers Certificate Of Compliance).The organization shall ensure the adequacy of specified purchase requirements prior to their communication to the supplier.
  16. The Organization’s terms and conditions of sale shall address the Organization’s policies regarding: Price, Cancellations, Delivery, Warranty, Returns / Rejections.
  17. Vendors shall provide on any and all purchase orders placed: condition of products required, Conformity to manufacturers available specifications, mixed date codes, substitutions, packaging requirements, handling / storage, cancellations, warranties required, Inspection Method(s) Used, returns / rejections, accurate value on exports, counterfeit mitigation policy, and product traceability.